Emergency Lighting

Design & Install

Emergency lighting is vital for any situation where the mains power supply is cut and the building’s usual lighting fails – electrical failure or fire could lead to sudden darkness and panic for employees. Here at Cobra, safety is our priority and our emergency lighting plays a crucial role in evacuating a building under fault condition.

Today’s new buildings usually have emergency lighting installed during construction. We can provide a full service for both new buildings and existing premises that require emergency lighting. We will discuss the design with clients to determine the most suitable option and provide a full service, including install, commissioning and maintenance.

Emergency Lighting Testing

Once installed, emergency lighting should be tested daily through a visual inspection: it should be tested more thoroughly monthly and yearly. Cobra will advise clients how to perform the daily test, while we can carry out the monthly and annual tests for you.

The monthly flick-test ensures the emergency lighting system will operate when required. The annual test involves fully discharging the batteries that power the lighting in the event of a power failure. This ensures they will last the required time. We will also detail any faults that may arise and advise on the necessary action.

Our prices start from £85. Call us today and we can book an initial site visit and guide you through the complete process.