PAT Testing

For Landlords

Cobra offers PAT (portable appliance testing) services for landlords and tenants. When a landlord supplies electrical equipment as part of a rental, it must be safety tested. This includes white goods and any electrical appliance for the tenant’s use, even if it’s brand new.

Landlords are recommended to have a PAT check approximately every 12 months to ensure continued safety.

For building & construction sites

At building and construction sites, our PAT services will be completed at our clients’ convenience. We will carry out business testing out-of-hours at the same cost-effective rate. The PAT testing verifies that the electrical equipment an employer provides in the workplace for employees to use is safe.

All 110V equipment used on a construction site should be tested approximately every 3 months. The testing is documented, and you will receive a certificate of compliance.

For mobile businesses

Mobile businesses should arrange for PAT testing to be carried out approximately every 12 months to verify the electrical equipment you use in the course of your work is safe.

Our clients include mobile catering vans, mobile hair and beauty businesses, camera and media crews and many others. Whatever sector you operate in, if you’re supplying or using electrical equipment, it should be tested.

For offices

To avoid inconvenience to our clients, we can carry out PAT testing out-of-hours at the normal rate. It will verify that the office equipment provided by the employer is safe to use. This includes everything from PCs, printers, laptops, projectors and other tech equipment, to kettles, microwaves and toasters.

Hand-held equipment should be tested approximately every 12 months; moveable and portable equipment, such as extension leads every 24 months; and Class 1 equipment, like IT items, every 48 months.

Many clients often opt for all plug-in appliances to be tested every 12 months.

Faulty items

In all sectors, our PAT testing is fully documented, and you will receive a certificate of compliance. If an item fails, we can advise whether it’s repairable – and carry out the repair if required.

If it’s beyond economic repair, we can provide an electrical waste removal service within WEEE guidelines, including a certificate of disposal. Our costs start at just £2 per item.

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